Eyes of Atlantic
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Eyes of Atlantic
All at once I knew I was not magnificent…

— Bon Iver

27th August, Saturday (7:24pm) Reblog ↬
I just keep wondering…

A wavering of truths

whether it is best to just stay in the dark

all my parts wrapped tightly

like my pursed lips

to ease the lines that like crevasses 

create when the water comes charging

another one’s treasure

another one’s…

I can’t be this nothing to you

Keep searching till we find it

or it stops mattering

when did I?

27th August, Saturday (7:21pm) Reblog ↬


There is a limit ↘ 25th July, Monday (3:13am) Reblog ↬

 I have yet to give the dollies breath
her crimson fingers
her blue satin lips
its stained on the inside
you have to get it from the inside

she’s wrapped up so tight
so tight hair in ribbons
and curled to perfection
like bacon
like tiny crisp pieces of bacon

I would eat her if I thought she would make me beautiful
like her
strange and beautiful
shocking and beautiful 

It is easy to see why they love her
and not my reflection
she is breakable and colored like chimes and christmas morning

21st July, Thursday (4:18pm) Reblog ↬
always going to be there…until I’m not

always going to be there…until I’m not

the sky is not black yet

Everything solid becomes flat

against the sky’s blue lit

with streaks of black.

A moth caught my attention

dancing in my doorway.

The city life almost absent from my senses

the coffee lingering on my tongue.

Almost smell the sawdust of your beard

the future in little pixels

the memory of my father dancing with me to Mr Matthew’s ‘satellite’.

My wishes go up to be caught by god knows what

against the bleating of shadows.

16th June, Thursday (12:37am) Reblog ↬
a longing to let you see more of me

a longing to let you see more of me

10th June, Friday (6:44pm) Reblog ↬

Bon Iver Bon Iver on NPR ↘ 10th June, Friday (6:11pm) Reblog ↬
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